Elements of Persuasive Online Copy

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Have you ever been halfway though a sales page or the home page of a website and realized you were no longer really reading the copy? Your mind had actually drifted off.

Maybe you started thinking about what to cook for dinner or about the business task you needed to tend to. Whatever thoughts were in your head, they had nothing to do with the sales copy you were reading a few seconds earlier.

The problem with that sales copy is that the author likely forgot that in order to make a sale, and compel a prospect to read the copy, they need to persuade.

Here are 5 elements of persuasive online copy

  1. Attention getting headline. An attention grabbing headline is imperative. An easy way to craft a headline is to make it a “How to” headline. For example, “How to increase your conversion rate by 10%.” Brainstorm headlines and create a list of possibilities. The ideal headline will come to you as your creative juices start flowing. If you’re not 100% certain of your headline, ask associates what they think of the head line and test it to see if it converts.
  1. Specific promises and benefits. One element of persuasive copy that is often forgotten is that the compelling copy focuses on the customer. You can list all of the features in the world and your prospect won’t blink an eye but tell them how the features will benefit them, make their lives easier, make them happier, better, richer, wiser, or more attractive and they’ll pay attention to what you have to say.
  1. Facts to back it up. Promises and benefits are all wonderful, however today’s customer is a skeptical one. Back up your promises with testimonials, reviews, statistics, and facts about your credibility or the credibility of your product.
  1. What is your USP? How are you different from your competition? What makes you unique? Your Unique Selling Proposition can be included in almost every piece of sales copy you write. M&Ms used “Melts in your mouth not in your hands for years.”
  1. Remind them of the benefits and if you can, add more benefits. Build value. Before you write your call to action, which is also an element of persuasive online copy, take a few minutes to summarize and build value. Recap all they have to gain and then top it off with one or two more benefits to compel them to act immediately.
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