Email Message With Headers What Does That Mean?

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When you get to tech support on email related issues, you may be asked to forward them a copy of the email in question complete with headers. What does this mean? In all email message there is a part you don’t see. This section is at the very top heading the email (therefore called headers).

Most email readers including online ones won’t display this to you because to the regular email recipient this information is not meaningful. But to the email reader and for tech support, there is a gold mine of information there.

By looking at the headers, they will be able to tell where the email originated from, what was used by the sender to send the email and a bit more info along those lines. Very useful for investigating spam. In fact, if you ever are accused of spam, you should ask people to forward you a copy of the email complete with headers to determine the problem. But I digress.

When you are asked to forward this email, regular forwarding won’t work. The typical forward feature doesn’t include all this information so you probably have to go through some extra steps. But they are quick and easy. This video shows you exactly how.


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