Enthusiasm versus Joy versus Acceptance – How your attitude affects the quality of your content.

from Annette 

First, I want to thank Mila for inviting me to contribute to such a fantastic blog. The information and knowledge shared here is superior and I’m honored to become part of such a fantastic group.

I’d like to pose a question.

How do you feel when you create content? It doesn’t matter if it’s newsletter or ezine content, blog content, or social marketing content – how do you feel about creating it?

Typically there are four responses:

  • “I dread/procrastinate creating content.”
  • “I accept that it’s part of what is required to be successful.”
  • “I enjoy writing content, but it’s not my passion.”
  • “I LOVE creating content and find great satisfaction in the act.”

The first response, while common, often results in content which shows the writer’s feelings about creating it – it lacks enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter.

The more enthusiastic you can be about writing your content, the better it will be. Your personality and enthusiasm will translate. If, as a business owner, you cannot muster even acceptance for the task of writing content – consider finding someone else to take over the responsibility.

One suggestion, if you find your joy or enthusiasm wavering…consider framing your content as a letter to a friend. What knowledge do you have which they will benefit from? What questions do your prospects or customers have (a quick survey will help you better understand your customers’ questions) which you can provide answers to. Often, when we truly feel as if we’re helping others, we find more joy in the act. The result, content which stands above your competition’s. Content which generates traffic and ultimately…profits.

How do you feel about writing content? What do you do to get yourself in the mood, so to speak?

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