Fear Pay-Per-Click No Longer

from Alice Seba 

If you??ve ever used pay-per-click advertising, such as Google Adwords, for your business, you know it can be intimidating at first. Many of us, including myself the first time I tried it, have lost our shirts because we willy-nilly bid and wrote ads that we hoped would get people to click on them. Unfortunately it doesn??t always work so easy.

That being said, pay-per-click doesn??t have to be frustrating or difficult if you take your time and create well-crafted campaigns. As a matter of fact, when done correctly, this type of exposure can help to set us up for long term profits by bringing in many first time customers who eagerly turn into life long customers to our business.

Here are a few tips to help get your Adwords campaign off to a good start without all that hair pulling.

1. Create specific landing pages for each of your campaigns.
What I mean by this is: Don??t link to your homepage with every ad you create. For example, if you sell baby slings and are bidding on the keyword phrase ??Moby Wrap?? for a specific ad, be sure you are sending your visitors to the exact page of your site that lists the Moby wraps only. Also be sure you are using Google??s ??Website Optimizer?? tool to create landing pages that perform the best they possibly can.

2. Build your ads around your keywords.
Don??t just throw an ad together that tells what your site or product is about. Spend some time putting together ads that actually incorporate the keyword phrases and searches you are targeting. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer and create ads that will answer their specific needs.

3. Test different versions of your ads.
Google allows up to three ads per ad group to be used. This is a great way to test various parts of your ads to see which gets the best results. Just remember to only test one part of the ad at a time to avoid confusion as to which component is or isn??t bringing the results you want.

Mila & I have created a Step-by-Step Adwords Tutorial to make setting up your first campaign easy with step-by-step instructions via video and a fully illustrated tutorial.

Find further tips, tools and ideas for marketing with the written word at www.Contentrix.com

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