Finding Your Vision – in Your Business and Your Life

from Sarah Robinson 

As the Get Your Year In Gear class that I teach reaches it’s second week, some participants seem to hit a wall. I’ve asked them to create a vision for where they want to be in their life and their business (using the techniques in my previous post) and they simply don’t think they HAVE a vision. (One reader made a comment about that last week.)

I believe we all have a vision tucked deep down inside of us – we just need to do some excavation work to uncover it:)

The first step in this is figuring out where to dig. I have two suggestions that really help determine where your heart’s vision resides:

1) Three 15 minute walks this week. Here are the requirements for this walk: no ipod or walkman and no companions to talk to. This is not a walk about exercise either. This is a 15 minute walk to observe the world around you. Notice what captures your attention, what draws your eye. Don’t judge whether it should or shouldn’t – just notice it. You can even do this in a store like Target – notice what makes you say “hmm…..i like that” or “oooo….I want to look at that or smell that or listen to that or touch that.” Your only job is to observe what interests you.

2) Pull out that stack of magazine. Again – this is a 15 minute exercise. As fast as you can, go through those magazines and rip out the images that immediately speak to you. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know why; doesn’t matter whether they should or shouldn’t. Just rip them out. Do this at least 3 times.

Now, pull together what you observed about your interests in the first exercise along with the images you pulled out of the magazines. Look for commonalities. Look for themes. Look for colors. Our inner selves “speak” in images – and the clues you’ve assembled have much to say to you about where you want to go.

If this kind of conversation is interesting to you, check out my next Get Your Year In Gear class that starts April 3:

Love & Success!

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