Five Tips to Finding Writing Inspiration

from Annette 

Writing content on a regular basis can be a difficult thing. Many blog owners set aside one day a week or a month to write all their blog posts. What happens when you sit down to write those posts if you’re uninspired? You’re facing a very frustrating day.

Here are a few tips to find writing inspiration:

  1. Read your favorite blogs. Blog posts are a great source of inspiration because they get the wheels spinning. In fact, your responses/comments on blog posts can be a post of their own or at least the beginning of one.
  2. Read articles in relevant magazines. If you’re an avid online reader then stepping outside your normal reading habits can help you see published content in a new light. For example, an article on integrating technology into your fiction writing helped me come up with two blog posts on using technology to help your content writing, one about organizing your content and one about research resources.
  3. Read forums. If your website already has a forum then you’re likely inspired by member comments and questions as these are excellent blog post material. Additionally, your responses are good blog post material. However, if you don’t already have a forum, consider inspiration from other relevant forums. What topics do people get fired up about? What are the most common questions members ask?
  4. Ask. Post a survey on your blog/website, ask friends via social networking sites, or contact your favorite customers and ask them what they want to know.
  5. Grab it from the headlines. Grab your local newspaper, hit the news sites, or do a quick search online for the most popular topics of the day and use that as an inspiration for your next blog post.

Writing content doesn’t have to be difficult. Wonderful ideas are all around you. Step outside of your normal writing routine and look for inspiration.

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