Free Your Inbox From Newsletter Subscriptions

from Lynette Chandler 

Who is having problems taming those newsletter subscriptions? If you’re anything like me, I like to subscribe to carefully chosen newsletters. They allow me to watch what’s going on in the market and competitors. It’s also a great way to build a swipe file. But how in the world do I keep these emails from clogging up my email space?

Sure, Gmail gives you 2.9 GB. But that’s the last thing I need honestly. I already have hundreds of Gigabytes of data on my hard drives. I don’t want to keep adding stuff to my storage. I only want to keep what is good, what is valuable and discard the rest. What do to?

Use MailBucket. If you go to, you won’t see much. There is very little instruction that’s because it is so simple. You don’t even have to visit the site to start using it and there is no sign up involved. How do you use it?

  1. Choose a user name e.g. internetbasedmoms. This will become your email address e.g.
  2. Use this email address to subscribe to the newsletters you want to receive
  3. To check email, just bookmark the URL or you subscribe to the RSS feed at

That’s it. Very simple. If you want to use it, just follow the above instructions and remember to swap out the user name for your own chosen user name. Also, make sure you check the user name is not already in use. You can just type in to see if there’s anything there.

As you probably already guessed, this is not secure at all. Anybody can read emails send to mailbucket. So please, please, please do not use this for sensitive stuff. I wouldn’t even use it for any sites where I have to create a free account and enter a password. It is perfectly OK for newsletter subscriptions.

Want alternatives? Here are two more similar services – again, not secure ladies. Use your judgment. Dodgit (their sites seem to be down a lot for me) and Mailinator

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