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from mila 

I have a few pending questions to answer and will definitely get to all of them very soon… keep sending them in! :-)

Here’s one:


I’m Dubee, and I am new to Internet Based Moms. It is so encouraging to find a great website like this for Moms looking for success and support.

I perused the website and read a few articles on finding your niche for a home business, but I’m still trying to find my place.

When I was pregnant with my little muffin nearly two years ago I wanted to find some calming music during my pregnancy. Also music for naptimes for the baby. Since I play the flute (not professionally) I decided to write and record my own music. I purchased a software program and composed music for other instruments to include on my cd as well. Since then I’ve written and produced two cd’s.

I also write short stories, and record them with character voices. I’ve shared my music and stories with teachers and kids (the toughest audience) and they enjoyed it. I would love to find a way to use my gifts and talents to start a home business.

I would appreciate any ideas that you may have to lead me in the right direction.

Thanks a bunch!


Hi Dubee, thank you for your kind words. Your passion for what you do shines through in your writing.

It seems like though you’re really taking action and getting things done which is fantastic.

Without knowing your business and approach to marketing it’s hard to give you any definite advice, but it does seem like a neat thing to do.

As a parent, I’m always on the lookout for new and unique ways to teach my children about music. Stories and audio books are a big hit in our family as well. Parents of babies are most definitely on the lookout for anything that will make sleep times easier too.

You will, of course, have to research the market and see what is currently being marketed. Then find a unique approach to your products.

A few ideas are to take an educational approach or you can niche in on flute music specifically. Perhaps talk about the benefits of this type of music and the soothing sounds for children. What effect does it have? Will it help their development? What are the positive effects – will it help them in school?

All of this can work to make a great case for your products. Always remember not to sell products and instead sell the benefits.

And sure, there are a lot of music DVD’s and CD’s on the market. This isn’t a new field by any means, but by taking a unique approach you can corner your own little part of the market.

You can start by explaining to your potential customers why your products are unique.

Perhaps you painstakingly record all your own music, or carefully choose the sounds and melodies that have been shown to induce sleep and relaxation in children. Maybe you’re not just another big company promoting the latest fad, your music and stories have a genuine classical feel to them, they can’t be found on every supermarket shelf.

I think you get the idea :-)

It sounds like you have a good product, the next step is to do your market research (please note, this is usually done first but in your case you already have your product so we’ll fast forward), and find a way to show your target market the benefits of your products.

If you need any help, come on over to the forum and start a new post:

Thanks again, I hope this helps!

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