From The Mailbag: A Career as a Life Coach

from Aurelia Williams 

This question comes from Pam and she says:

“I have often thought a career as a life coach would be something I would enjoy because it engages my psychology degree, teaching degree, and motherhood experiences. I looked into training and have no idea if it is legitimate or a scam…can you give me any direction or advice?”

First of all I want to thank Pam for submitting her question. Pam, it sounds like with your background that coaching would seem almost natural to you, that is of course if you love working with people:)

Yes, I am living proof that coaching is a legitimate business and thatattending ‘certain’ coach training classes is not a rip off. Keep in mind tha tyou don’t have to be “Certified” to become a coach.There are manygreat coaching out therethat are not certifiedand pull of of their experience to deliver awesome services.I chose that cetification route just so that I could offer my potential clients the BEST that “I” had to offer.

If you are looking into a coach training program then I recommend Coach Training Alliance. The cost is reasonable and they hours are very flexible. I took weekly classes in the evenings for 6 months then took a final exam.

I will say that coaching isn’t an easy sell and by that I mean you really have to work at getting your skills noticed and out there for the world to see. Mom Masterminds has been a huge help to me in my practice. They offer great coaching on gettinga business up and rolling among lots of other things like how to develop products to draw attention to your site.Well, now I am thriving as a coach and also serve as a mentor coach for up & coming coaches as well.

Sorry, my answer got atad long winded (as you see I am passionate about the topic). YES, you can make itas a coach, YES there are many legitimate schoolsout there. I have a few audios up at my Real Life Coaching site that you may want to tune into. If you have a passion for it, it may be worth your while to look into it deeper.

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