From the Mailbag: Do You Ever Feel That You Give More Than You Get?

from Alice Seba 

Mara, a regular reader here at the expert blog, sent me the following question.


You’ve given so much to the WAH community in the way of free reports and resources. Do you ever feel that you give more than you get back for your business? How do you know when it’s time to cut back on being so giving???

Ummm??Mara, don??t you remember this? I posted about giving away too much for free in my very first post here. You even replied that day too, but I understand that it??s an important question a lot of people have.

To me, the benefits of giving will always outweigh the return, whether it??s a direct financial benefit or a long-term business building benefit. I like to consider myself a smart business woman, therefore I conduct my business as such. I am not saying I only give to immediately receive, but I??ve come to understand that the more you give, the more you get back.

For instance, if I create a free report, there is a specific purpose for it. In exchange for the free resource, I may be building my list, or creating buzz for a new product, gaining traffic to a site or something else entirely. However, no matter what I create the report or guide for, I make sure it??s quality information. That helps ensure more word-of-mouth, better conversion on sales and more.

To me, giving is just about the best thing you can do in your business??it always comes back manifold.

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