From the Mailbag: My Brutally Honest Opinion of Armand Morin

from Alice Seba 

Here’s a question received recently in the Experts Mailbag:

“I wanted to get your brutally honest opinion on Armand Morin seminars. I am considering attending his Freedom Factor seminar next weekend, even though it’s $1200 I really don’t have. I have to get out of this dead-end job and do something lucrative and worthwhile with my life.

I just really want to know, from someone who’s been to his seminars — is it going to be a 3-day long sales pitch to buy his products? Will he give out any real practical information that I can use without buying everything he offers? Or does it all tie in only with the products he’s selling?

Our finances are so tight that all I can see right now is the money I’m putting out because I have no guarantee of making the money back since I don’t know what to expect. The desire and drive is there in me, but all I can see right now is my dwindling bank account! Help! I need some honest advice about what to expect if I ‘m going to spend this kind of money.”

Thanks so much,
Jenna Pittman

Hi Jenna. I can certainly understand your dilemma, but I think you may have answered your own question in the second sentence. It is money that you say, “I really don’t have.” I don’t know where your business is now, but I would sit down and make a plan of where a fraction of that money could be spent to start earning enough to consider an event like this.

Still, I’m happy to answer your questions…

As far as my brutally honest opinion of Armand goes, I think he’s great and yes, he’s definitely a skilled salesman. He is one of the first people who helped me really think big in my business and gave me practical suggestions to make those big ideas really happen.

I have been to 3 BigSeminars, but have never been to Freedom Factor, so I may not be able to give you the most practical advice on how this event is run. But I’ll tell you my experience at BigSeminar. If I’ve attended 3, I’m sure you can guess that I have found it to be a very valuable experience. Armand’s presentations are always very valuable, but you bet, there is always an offer to buy more.

Do you need to buy more to make use of his advice? Nope.

Is it tempting? You bet. After all, you are so tempted to go to the seminar because he has sold you so well on the idea.

If you do go (and I’m really not sure that it’s the best time for you to do this), go there with the goal of getting as much as you can out of the weekend, returning home and applying what you learned and seeing the results. Then, when you have enough money you can consider any other continuing education opportunities that are presented to you.

By the way, I believe one of our other experts, Lynette Chandler has attended Freedom Factor in the past. I will ask her to share her thoughts in the comments area, so hang tight.

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