From The Mailbag: phpBB Thank You Page

from Lynette Chandler 

We have another great question from Mel this week.

When someone registers for an account on a php bulletin board, they are taken to a new page that says the account has been created (or some such wording). How do I find and edit that page or is it even possible? Thanks!

It depends on what you want to edit. If it’s just the wording and adding a link or an image that’s easier than if you want to make major changes like adding a table etc.

To edit just the message, open up /language/lang_english/lang_main.php, look for the line that says $lang['Account_added']. There is a group of similar language there too and it really depends how you set up the forum. If you have set it up where they must confirm registration you find the line $lang['Account_inactive']. Thery are all in the same block anyhow once you find one you’ll find the others.

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