From The Mailbag: Screen Recording On A Budget

from Lynette Chandler 

Almost everywhere you turn now, you’ll find videos where people show you their desktop and how to accomplish a certain task on their computers.

A common question is how do you do that? Answer, with a screen recording software. But more importantly is this question submitted by Mel.

Hey Lynette,

I’m looking for a screen capture program to record audio/video of how to do various tasks on my website. I’d like to be able to record videos of each task so my assistant can actually see how to do them instead of only having written instructions. Can you recommend one that isn’t too expensive but works well?

Mel, that’s an absolutely great way to use screen recordings. The good news is there is a free one called CamStudio which works well. You can also find a version where some Internet Marketers have released a version that fixed a few small bugs but I can’t think of the name right now.

Recently, I also came across UltraVnc screen recorder which is free. It works but may have less features than CamStudio.

Looking forward to more of your questions ladies.

If you prefer one with more meat, having tech support and have some cash to spend, check out Qarbon’s Viewlet Cam. Here’s another one BBFlashBack. There are also lots you can get for $30 and up but these are mentioned for a big reason. Because you can produce videos in flash which is a widely compatible video format for online viewing. You can even do it with Windows Media Encoder (free)- but it only creates WMV which is OK but not everyone can view WMV files with ease. I also thought gradient colors didn’t turn out so well for me.

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