Get a Little Closer Now Don’t Be Shy

from Alice Seba 

I recently had a disagreement with someone who said that you shouldn??????t share personal stories with your subscribers and that you should be professional and stick with business only. Actually, I??????ve had this disagreement a number of times in my online career.If you??????re going for the full on corporate image, you might hold back the reigns a little more tightly, but being personal is how you gain trust and show that you??????re a company run by real flesh and blood humans that have real-life experiences and valid opinions. Of course, don??????t go yammering on endlessly about taking your dog to the pet spa, but there are many instances when stories are a perfect fit for a newsletter. Here??????s a few:

- Stories are good learning experiences, especially when they relate to the topic of your newsletter. For example, if you have a motivational newsletter and you went swimming with the sharks on the weekend??????personally, I??????d think you??????re crazy??????but that story can relate to what you??????re saying.

- Stories show that you are walking-the-walk and are knowledgeable about what you do. For example, if you have a parenting website and you share your experiences with your own children, it shows you are living what you??????re talking about.

- Stories can illustrate how you used a product that you are recommending; your honest experience will go a long way.

This allows your subscribers to relate to you. If you can find some common ground between you and your subscribers, they will feel like they know you, trust you more and turn to you for advice and recommendations. And isn??????t that what Internet marketing is all about?

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