Get Paid to Tell People about Products

from Rhea Perry 

Learning to be an affiliate is not that hard. It’s the easiest money on the Internet, after selling on eBay. All you do is sign up, send an email, when you make a sale they send you a check, you cash it.

We love it.

One of the most important things to remember is to sign up for programs or products that you LOVE. That way you don’t have a problem endorsing them. One rule of sales is this: use the product you represent. If you don’t use it, then you can’t honestly tell others it is the best and they need it.

Another thing to look for is affiliate programs with healthy commissions like 35% to 50% or even 70%.

Also look for programs on products that are priced right. It takes the same amount of effort to create an email program to sell a $4.95 book as it does a $4,995 conference. Do the math and see which one you would rather earn 50% on. Although the conference would take more emails to sell than the book, the amount of effort and time it would require would make it very much worth it.

The reason WHY you want to be IN an affiliate program is because you can sell products or services but you don’t have to do anything except tell your friends about them. You don’t have to ship them or deal with customer service. If you’ve ever sold Tupperware or Avon, you’ll realize what a good thing this is.

The Internet makes marketing easy and many businesses have adapted their entire marketing programs to accommodate this business model. Businesses know that word of mouth is the best advertising. So if they can pay you for telling your friends, that means more business for them.

An affiliate program lets a company build a grass roots sales force that is paid on commission.

It is a Good Thing.

So even if you don’t have a web site, you can join affiliate programs of companies you love so that you can get paid to tell others about their products. All you have to do is sign up with their program (usually for free), get an affiliate link and send your friends an email telling them about the product or post their link on your site.

Just start building a list to send emails to so that when you have a great product to sell, you’ll have someone to tell about it.

When you join an affiliate program, send your affiliate link to your friends and clients in a paragraph and tell them why you would love to have them join the program or buy that product. Don’t make decisions for them. Just send it to everybody you have permission to email. DO NOT EVER SPAM. That means sending something to email addresses that you do not know or do not have permission to mail to. It is illegal and not something we do.

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