Get Your Holidays In Gear!

from Sarah Robinson 

I am so excited!  Christmas is now one of my very favorite times of year (this has not always been true – click on the link below to read about THAT journey!).

Because I know so many direct sellers struggle with balancing business, home and family commitments during November and December, I’ve developed quite a warehouse of Holiday Resources and Ideas to help make the season meaningful AND profitable. 

One of my favorites is a class I teach in the fall of every year called Get Your Holidays In Gear. I taught it “virtually” for the first time last year and am thrilled to be teaching it again beginning Wednesday October 17.  You can read more about it by clicking here:

And just so you know, I am offering it at a ridiculously low price ($79 for four weeks – please don’t tell my husband!) because I want to take this amazing class and need to gather the fund pretty quickly. So, you win by designing your holiday season around money AND meaning and I win because I can take a fabulous training class – YEAH!

So if you want a rich holiday season in every way, click here:

Love & Success!

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