Getting the Most from Your Direct Sales Convention

from Sarah Robinson 

Many of you will be attending your company’s National Convention this summer. Going to big conferences is one of my very favorite ways to get energized and inspired. So many great ideas to implement. So many great goals to set and work toward. There’s only one problem. Overwhelm. I used to get home and get so overwhelmed by my new information and my new goals that I either flew around in an unfocused frenzy or did nothing – at all.


Some of you may have no idea what I’m talking about (!) but just in case you know someone who has felt this way after your company’s Summer Convention, here are a few tips to keep you sane and focused while you are there and after you get home.


1. Before you even get to the convention - maybe while you are on the plane – think about what you want in the next six months. Write down three things that would thrill you if they happened by December 1 or January 1. Just three things.


2. As you attend workshops and listen to speakers, take notes on the ideas that will help you get those three things. Just those three things. If you muddle your mind with ideas that aren’t immediately useful, you will quickly move into overwhelm. This is hard, I know. But believe me, taking strategy notes on 3 goals will keep you plenty busy.


3. Connect with your team in a meaningful way. Ask questions and listen, listen, listen. Support what your team members want from their businesses. Understand their frustrations and help them find useful practical solutions to their challenges. Help them get what they want. You will be amazed at how that will help you get what YOU want:)


4. When it is time to say goals out loud, avoid the temptation to say something that will impress those around you or that sounds as big as the next person. Say a goal that feels good and authentic to you and that you feel is a stretch, but in the realm of doable. Again, this is tough in the rarified environment of a convention. Remember, I want you to come home inspired and focused with an achievable goal out in front of you that will pull you forward into your business. What others think is none of your business.


5. Lift up someone who is struggling. Every now and then I hear a horror story about a someone who is practically shunned  in her company because she dared admit she was having a tough time. How sad – and what a poor reflection on the industry. Find someone who needs encouraging and give them your full support and attention. You will be the better person for it.


And most of all – have some fun.  This industry is supposed to be just that – FUN!  So enjoy yourself:)


Love & Success!



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