Give your eBay business some Moo!

from Jenni Hunt 

I just discovered these very cool mini-moo-cards and had to share…

You are probably wondering what in the world Moo… mini-cards… eBay… What?!?

See, a great way to build customer loyalty (as well as your own brand) is to include a business card or postcard with the packages you send out to customers. These Moo-minicards are perfect for that – and cheap too! You can upload your own images and put up to 6 lines of text on the back… they end up looking very professional and are a nice addition to your package.

Whether you end up using Moo minicards or another service… be sure you are using it as a marketing tool to encourage repeat business from your customer. Make a cool graphic that looks like a fun coupon and use it on the image side of the minicard. The coupon could be something like, “Free Shipping on your next order”… or “Save 10% on your next winning bid!” On the text side of the minicard be sure to include important information like your eBay ID… store name… and url.

As I was browsing through the site – so many ideas came to mind as to how these cool could be used to market a business! I can’t wait to get my order… and we’ll probably get some with pictures of the kids on them to put in our Christmas cards this year too!

It’s your turn… How would you use minicards?

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