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from Alice Seba 

Most of us struggle to find affordable time management tools that we can use as work at home moms. With limited funds it is absolutely essential to find tools that will be both useful AND affordable.

Google offers many valuable tools that are better than just affordable, they are FREE and they can also be a valuable asset to your business. They can help you manage your time wisely and assist in planning, collaborating and connecting with those you work with, including clients, partners or assistants.

One of these tools is Google Documents, which gives you a way to save documents to the web giving you the ability to access them from anywhere. This is one of its best features. Now, when you are out of town, you can have access to your important documents without having to worry about copying your files to a jump drive or worse, not having access to them at all.

Google Documents allows you to create both folders and labels which will help you to organize your documents to be found easily in the future by both you and those you might be collaborating with on a project. Yes, it even allows you to share your documents with others via file sharing, with the option of allowing them to edit the document or just view it.

There is even the option to chat with the person you are collaborating with in the same window where you are doing the edits. You both view the document simultaneously and can see the changes that the other person is making instantly.

You can also email the documents to others as an attachment right from the screen where you are editing the document. No need to open email in another window to quickly send one file.

Other valuable options include the ability to save documents and spreadsheets as Microsoft Office, Open Office, or PDF files. You can upload and download files to and from your computer as well. You can also star files for quick locating or even hide them if necessary.

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