Greetings Internet Based Moms!

from Sarah Robinson 

My name is Sarah Robinson and I have coached leaders in the direct selling industry since 2004. I am excited to get to know all of you and thought I would share a story about myself to help you get to know me!

Here it goes:

In 2001, I did something that shocked even me. I quit my dream job-twice .

I was hired to turn an organization around. That’s what I was known for – creating positive change. In college I st arted organizations that created significant, positive change. In my personal and professional life, I st arted programs, organizations and non profits that created significant, positive change. And now here I was at the pinnacle of my career – increasing organizational revenues 200% and creating a luminous community reputation out of one that was riddled with negativity. We became one of the top organizations people chose to support. I was so proud.

BUT, I had a boss I simply could not please. Not matter what success I brought to the table, she told me about what I wasn’t doing. No support, no recognition-just negativity. I became over-whelmed and exhausted. Oh-and my personal life began to suffer as well. No one wanted to be around me and honestly I had nothing positive to offer. Finally I decided that the he art and energy I was pouring into my “dream job” wasn’t worth the price I was paying. So, I quit. Then I was promised that it would be different-I would get what I needed. Well that lasted about 2 days, so I quit again, this time for good.

I was instantly griped by uncertainty. How had I gotten here? What was I supposed to do now that I no longer had my dream job? When the perfect job wound up making me miserable, where did that leave me? Then it dawned on me – I needed to apply all of my entrepreneurial “agent of change” skills to my very own life. So, I took that extraordinary journey and developed a way of working and living that gives me both the income I need and the lasting fulfillment I crave.

My fellow entrepreneurs noticed what I had and asked me to coach them to do the same. So, I systematized the choices, steps and actions I had taken and began to teach this system to others.

Then something unexpected happened. Leaders in the Direct Selling industry began to seek me out. Not because I was an “on-fire” motivational speaker – there are plenty of those. But because I could teach them practical business and life management strategies that gave them not only more money, but more time and more freedom to enjoy their lives – lives they passionately loved.

And so Profit, Purpose and Beyond was born. Using my eight-step process as the cornerstone, I have designed Profit Purpose and Beyond to give Direct Selling leaders the knowledge, skills and tools to be strong authentic leaders, to build a powerful personal business, to develop optimum business operations that practically run on their own and the power to live their he artfelt dreams.

Being a part of Internet Based Moms is such an honor. You are an amazing bunch of women. I can’t wait to jump in and share in any way that will be helpful.

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