Heading For Summer, Sun And Fun In Your Service Business

from Elaine Gordon Evans 

Summer time is a brighter time not only because of the sunshine, but also because of the new outlooks we have after a long cold winter. Smiles seem to be much more readily on our faces, and our energy level and vitamin D absorption into our bodies seems to beat our maximum levelafter a long hard winter, and a tight recession.

I am optimistic that this summer should be a time when we can create and restructure new ideas for our businesses. Why not offer special coupon discounts, and fun give away door prizes and also incentives for people to want to use our services. The public always like a fresh new concept and definitely an immediate savings after a long stretch of tightening their belts.

I recommend that you invite clients into your business and give them a funexperience in addition to a service. I would like to challenge you on your creative ideas on how you can make your service industry business a little more savvy, and a lot more exciting. Your ideas will be greatly appreciated not only by your clients but alsoby others who are in business and are at a standstill. I also encourage you to write in and share your ideas with other women who are a part of our internet based moms family.

Also summer time is a time when we should take time out to day dream and visualizeabout where we want our businesses to go. Visualization is just as critical as any other aspects of our businesses. Ifwe don’t visually see the plan in ourminds, it is very difficult to proceed ahead with fresh and exciting concepts.

I recommend that you take time out of each day and incorportate you visualization withsome type of physical activity. For example, try walking for about 30 minutes in a beautiful area that will spur on creative thinking. If you are notable to take 30 minutes out of each day, I absolutely recommend that you take at least 30 minutes three times a week. This is critical to the growth and planningandsucess of your business, not to mention, how healthy it is for your body and soul. And without your body and soul ina healthy postion, it is very difficult to maintain apositive focus onthe growth and maintenance of your entreprenuerial venture.

I am looking forward to an incredible summer of family, fun and fulfillment in restructure the fun aspects of your business. And remember, this is an assignment that should begin at home with your family and friends and others who can be involved with the process of adding a little splash to your already sucessful business.

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