Hectic Holidays, and Service Sanity

from Elaine Gordon Evans 

Oct. 5, 2007

Now that the holidays are swiftly approaching, and the demands are greatly put upon us, please always try and remember to take a moment and pause, breath, and smile…..

We have to remember in having a successful service business, one of the keys to keeping our joy, peace, and sanity through the holidays, is being in the moment. One of the things that really helps me when I am dealing with many people, timelines and a lot of tense customers, is to stop and visualize how to be calm and see everything coming together with a peaceful and happy scenario.

It is really a matter of just thinking how you would like to see everything work. Also, keep in mind to always have the right attitude no matter who is having a meltdown. It is also in your best interest to smile, and at the end of the day be sure to do something nice for yourself.

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