Internet Based Moms – Welcome!

from mila 

Internet Based Moms is a result of a group of moms getting together and providing the best work at home resources and information… just for moms.

This site is definitely not a lone project and it takes quite a few minds and hands to keep it going.

I’m lucky to be joined by some very smart and hard working women who help make this site the success it is… that’s why I’m so happy to introduce you to our awesome bloggers and staff here at Internet Based Moms!

Mel – General manager and assistant editor

Annette – Staff writer

Patrysha – Media and public relations

Kit – Admin Support

Arika – Admin Support

Kelly – Wahm Talk Radio host

Linda – Direct Sales Directory Admin

Over the coming months we’ll be sharing some work at home tips, humor, stories and having a lot of fun!

Make sure you stay in touch and join us to see what’s new :-)

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One Response to “Internet Based Moms – Welcome!”
  1. Keri says:

    Great idea Mila! I can’t wait to get to know everyone.