Home Organization Tips for Moms

from Aurelia Williams 

Keeping your home as organized as possible will help to maximize your time.  No more running around at the last minute looking for keys, book bags or your little ones favorite sweater.   Life is busy, we are busy, and at times, keeping an organized home can be challenging.  Here are a few quick and easy home organizing ideas to help get you started.

1 – Under-the-bed storage boxes: These boxes are one of the hottest items when it comes to home organization.  You can purchase them inexpensively from Wal-Mart, Target and other places. They have new ones that have hinges, wheels, and all kinds of improvements that make them easier to use.  They are great for out of season clothes, toys, or books and they fit easily under beds and in closets.

2 - Purge:  Donating things  to charity not only helps someone else, but it helps you stay more organized by freeing up valuable space.  Make a Donation Box. Simply get a large cardboard box and label it ‘Donation Box.’ Every chance you get, place items that are in good condition, but you no longer use, inside the box. When it’s full, call your local charity to come pick it up, or drop it off if they don’t offer a pick-up service.

3 – Control the Paper:  Use a portable filing container that is capable of holding hanging files and that can be transported to someplace else if necessary. The ones with handles are nice, since they can be transported to different homes, on vacation, etc. Some of these containers have snap-shut compartments for pens, pencils, clips, and more. 

4 – Your Kitchen Counter:  Take a moment to remove any items that you don’t use on a regular basis from your counter tops. Instead, store them in a cabinet or even your basement or garage (if you don’t use them very often).

5 – Your Linen Closet -  A great tip for organizing sheets is to keep your fitted, flat sheets and pillow cases organized together as sets.  Fold up the entire set and then place the folded set inside of one pillow case.  This saves space and and your sanity when it comes time to look for your sheets.

6 – Kids Toys: – Invite your children to help you organize their toys.   Clear, plastic storage boxes are usually the best choice for storing most toys.  You can have your children help you sort the toys then put them into the clear boxes.  You can take it a step further and label the storage boxes or cut out a picture of what is in the box (i.e. if the box is filled with Barbie’s, cut out a picture of a Barbie Doll and have your child tape it to the box).  This will help them keep their own toys organized. An organized home is a family affair.  If you are starting a new organizational routine, be sure to explain the new rules to everyone.  If you stay consistent, it won’t be long before your whole home is in order.

If you need more organizing ideas, you can visit: http://www.reallifesolutions.net/getorganized.HTML

I’d love to hear your comments and personal stories.

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