How About Your Own TV Channel?

from Lynette Chandler 

Today, there are so many methods of reaching your market, I’m almost jealous of newbies. There are blogs that are so very easy to publish, audio tools that are simple to use and most of all video resources and web sites that don’t require a broadcasting degree to use nor millions of dollars to set up.

One of the most exciting development technology wise is the advent of live streaming video. Anyone with a cheap $20 web cam and even cheaper microphone can launch their very own TV channel. Best of all, most of these sites do it for free. The only thing you need to do is to show up. How easy is that?

Ok, I exaggerate. You still need great content. But many of us already have great content that can be re-purposed into a live video show. A video channel allows you to truly bond with your market. I know, for us moms, video is a bit intimidating especially when you start thinking about those toys in your office, combing your hair, getting yourself presentable but why not? We used to do that every day working outside. Granted, you may have opted to work at home so you don’t have to, but making ourselves presentable and beautiful does wonderful things for our psyche. Really! Think of how you felt the last time you went for a hair cut, did your nails, put on some make up and dressed sharp?

Furthermore, have you not noticed all those reality shows on the big TV networks? Watching people who aren’t perfectly made up, have a perfect house, perfect kids, perfect body or fairy tale endings are remarkably interesting these days. Don’t underestimate yourself. A TV channel for your web site or business may just be the thing to drive traffic to your site and propel you further into your expert status.

Interested to get started? Check out these live video broadcasting solutions.

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Don’t forget to have fun!

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