How Do I Make Links In My PDF Clickable?

from Lynette Chandler 

So you purchased an ebook and you saw they managed to make it look really nice. The links are clickable, including text and images. You say “I want that too” but how? Well, I can’t tell you how that person did theirs but can certainly tell you how I do mine. Using a fabulous piece of software (and free too!) called OpenOffice.

In OpenOffice, I can make URLs clickable and I can also make text and images clickable. Beware many tools that say they can make clickable links in PDF. A great many of them can only convert URLs to links so unless you write out the URL in full e.g. it won’t recognize that’s a link to convert. But that can be a problem sometimes.

What if you want to create an affiliate link and don’t want those long ugly URLs? What is the site you’re referring to has a long ugly URL and it just doesn’t look good in your PDF. Can’t you make the text clickable like click here? Absolutely you can using OpenOffice.

I write my report in OpenOffice Writer which works just like Microsoft Word, highlight the text I want to make linked and click the hyperlink button , put in my URL and apply. Voila. Link. Then to make a PDF, just hit the PDF button . How easy is that?

What about images?

Those take a few more steps but just as easy. First, you insert your image into the document. Click Insert >> Picture >> From File…

Then right click on the image, click picture.

In the pop up dialog box, click the hyperlink tab, type in your URL then OK all the way out. That was easy wasn’t it?

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