How To Change Your Sales Copy From Rational To Emotional

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We buy for emotional reasons, not rational ones.  Sure maybe you need a new car so the purpose behind your purchase is rational however the car you buy and the features it has are purely emotional.  Heated seats, sun roofs, 300 horsepower not one of those features will get you to the grocery store but they’re all features of a car that speak to your emotions.   

Here’s how to make sure your copy hits those emotional buttons. 

Write your sales letter first.  Don’t worry about whether you’ve chosen the correct word just yet.  Get the main structure of your letter on paper.  Once that is accomplished go back and clean it up.  Add your psychological motivators. Begin formatting it so the sentences you really want to stand out are highlighted and given room to shine.  Now you’re ready to transform your copy from rational or left brained to emotional or right brained. 

Left brained words are words that speak to the logical side or rational and structured side of our thoughts.  Words like ·         Inform·         Wealthy·         Tardy·         Reply·         Learn 

Words that are right brained or emotional words speak to our emotions, intuition, and imagination.  For example·         Tell·         Rich·         Late·         Answer·         Find out 

Examine the sentences in your copy and consider whether they are logical left brained words or right brained words.  There are lists available online however many times the replacement words are pretty obvious.  Here’s William Zinsser’s advice in his classic book, On Writing Well: “Beware, then, of the long word that is no better than the short word: ‘numerous’ (many), ‘facilitate’ (ease), ‘individual’ (man or woman), ‘remainder’ (rest), ‘initial’ (first), ‘implement’ (do), ‘sufficient’ (enough), ‘attempt’ (try), ‘referred to as’ (called), and hundreds more.”

Last but not least, a quick and easy way to see how many left brained words are on your website home page is to take advantage of a CGI script written by Paul Galloway.  Visit this link and type in your website URL. You’ll see all left brained words in bold red with the right brain replacements. 

Use this great tool to examine some of your favorite sales pages to get a good idea of how right brained words are used to enhance copy. 

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