How to handle people who don't understand the entrepreneurial mindset

from Rhea Perry 

Here is a comment I addressed recently…

>I wish I could get my husband to have the outlook you have.

>He is locked into his job and sees no way out to become self sufficient.

To those of you who live with a spouse or children who don’t understand
the way you think or the way you are learning to think, hang in there. Be
thankful that you have a good spouse and don’t be tempted to compare him
or her to others. Be thankful for the way they are, no matter what it is and
look for the good things about them, not the apparent differences.

If you have a spouse that doesn’t understand your mindset, they may not
ever change because some folks are just not entrepreneurial in nature. But
also understand that they may not have been encouraged to be that way and
with a little education and encouragement, they may respond better than you
think they would.

Don’t be manipulative, but here are a few things you can do to offer
education and encouragement.

1. Get some motivational books and read them to the whole family.

2. Get some motivational books on tape (or CD) so the whole family
can listen to them even when you’re too busy to read.

3. Leave same cassette or CD in the CD player in the car.

4. Plan now to bring spouse and oldest kids to our next conference in
August. If you don’t think you can afford the trip, look for ways to earn
some extra money and start saving now so if he/she decides they’d like to attend
with you, money won’t be an excuse not to. (They will listen to others
better than to you about anything. I don’t know why that is but it seems to be a
universal principle.) ;)

5. Start doing something to earn money to demonstrate that there are ways
to make money besides getting it from somebody who already has it, such as
an employer. Try to create passive residual streams of income so you don’t have to
keep swapping your hours for dollars. Do it as school with the kids even if you
don’t homeschool so that school at your house is alive and meaningful. (There is
usually a certain amount of your time that you have to swap, especially initially.
Just choose wisely.)

6.  Don’t be manipulative.  Everyone has a direction to go and what works for me may not work
for you. You’ve got to find your own thing in life.

7. Read the History of Underground Education by Gatto to understand how
our educational system has programmed us to think, act and live as
employees.  It hasn’t always been this way. The Industrial Revolution put a damper on
the  entrepreneurial spirit of America. What worked for our parents’ generation
will not work for us Baby Boomers. The security offered by corporate and
government jobs are false and limiting. The only way to have true financial
security is to be in charge of your own finances and that means not only what you
spend  and invest but how much you earn.

8. Encourage your children to think and take initiative for their own
lives and  education instead of just blindly filling in the blanks and doing what they
are told. Yes, they should be respectful and behave and do what they are told. But
they  should also learn to think and study to become leaders. When your children
start becoming entrepreneurs who take initiative and responsibility for
their future, your spouse will see the difference. The message is in the fruit.

That’s just a few thoughts off the top of my head.

So many books, so little time…

who understands the situation totally

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