How to write a profitable book review

from Annette 

Books are great products to add a little passive income to your bottom line each month. The benefit is that there almost always a number of quality books written on the subject and depending on what books you decide to promote for affiliate profits, the prices can range anywhere from ten dollars on to a hundred for a digital e-book from a niche expert.

The trick, typically, is to promote a book in a manner in which it doesn’t seem like you’re making a sales pitch. Enter…the book review.

Reviews are wonderful little tools to pre-sell any range of topics. In future posts I’ll talk about how to write other types of reviews however since I have the tremendous pleasure of being a professional book reviewer for a national magazine (a job I pinch myself for the good fortune to have every day) I thought I’d start with how to write book reviews.

Book reviews typically come in two main sections, contrary to how most content is written. Most content has an introductory paragraph, the body content with at least three main points supporting the intro paragraph and then the conclusion. Book reviews on the other hand have a summary paragraph and then an opinion paragraph, or vice versa. It’s perfectly acceptable to reverse the two however most people reading online want to get to the details of the product before they hear your opinion of it.

A typical review for a print publication ranges from 250-350 words. Online you can add a bit more content particularly if you’ve had a personal experience with the book.

For example, you’re reviewing a book for marathon runners and Chapter Three on nutrition really helped you improve your performance. That personal experience is fine to add to a blog type review. However if you’re structuring your content as a non-biased third party review then personal stories are best left out. Your audience and industry will determine the formality of your writing style.

Sitting down to write. Summaries are often the most difficult part of a book review to write. I typically write a first draft without thinking too much about it. I’ll then ponder the review for a day or two and then re-write it a couple times until I’m satisfied. It’s important to give both a comprehensive picture of what the book is about while still covering the important points your audience wants to know. Practice. Read a few online reviews and give it a shot. There’s still plenty of profits to be made in affiliate marketing and plenty of books to sell.

Happy writing!

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