How to Write Catalog Copy That Sells

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If you sell products on your website, you have likely faced the struggle of describing your copy in a manner that is both informative and entertaining.  Here is a simple strategy to craft catalog copy that entertains, informs, and yes inspires a purchase. 

Stress the benefits.  If you are selling picnic baskets, what features benefit a potential user?  For example, if the picnic basket comes with a blanket your caption could be, “Never spend another picnic sitting on the ground.”  If the picnic basket has straps and can be worn as a backpack the benefit might be stated as “When the perfect picnic spot is more than a few steps from your car.”   

Paint a picture.  Once your benefit has been stated you can then paint a picture blending the features of the product in.  When you paint a picture, your prospect may actually envision themselves using and benefiting from your product.  This is exactly what you want.   

For example a tote bag description might look like this:  “Forget about losing your keys, sunscreen, or favorite sunglasses at the bottom of your bag!  Fun and fabulous, this large flip flop tote bag offers an abundance of pockets and sleeves to keep your small items safe.  This large beach tote bag also offers enough room for fun and lunch and a protective outer cover keeps your items safe and dry. 

A shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and a lifetime warranty guarantee means you never have to worry about replacing it.  Available in Pink/White with flip flop fabric outer or Apple/Black flip flop fabric outer.  This large flip flop beach tote is a great size for a day excursion to the beach, barbecue, or picnic and makes a great holiday gift.” 

It isn’t necessary to take your description and imagery as far as the J. Peterman catalog copy goes however, weaving the benefits your customer will receive into the description of your product will go a long way toward increasing your sales and your bottom line.

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