How well do you communicate?

from Linda 

It’s always been my belief that most problems with online transactions stem from lack of effective communication. And lately I seem to be seeing more issues. Maybe people are just more rushed as the holidays approach.

Here are a few tips I try to keep in mind to communicate clearly and get faster, more complete responses.

In email, always use a meaningful subject line. That helps your recipient prioritize her incoming email and makes searching for an older message much easier. The same is true for blog and message board posts.

When replying to an email message be sure to include at least a part of the original email. That way the recipient doesn’t have to search her brain or her sent files to remember what she asked you.

Be succinct, but clear. This is a difficult one for me. I tend to over-explain to the point of being confusing. And remember, it’s not necessary to use long sentences and big words to sound knowledgeable.

Finally, if you don’t understand what someone is trying to tell you, ask for clarification. On occasion I’ve ended up picking up the phone to call someone to further explain or to ask for more information.

Of course now I’m reading and re-reading this post to make sure it’s clear. LOL!

Please add your own tips.

~ Linda
Striving for clarity…

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4 Responses to “How well do you communicate?”
  1. Mila says:

    Great post Linda. I’ve definitely noticed how busy people are at this time of year. I’m trying to include enough information in my emails so we don’t have to keep going back and forth.

    I’m also going to do better at dealing with emails right away. I tend to leave messages for “later” and sometimes I forget, it just ends up being more work.

    Slowly I’m getting organized!

  2. Beth says:

    Good post! My pet peeve is people who use the subject “Help please!” on a forum…help with what? Since I only skim the forum postings I won’t even look at one that doesn’t have a more specific subject line.

  3. I hire an assistant to “communicate” for me…that’s how I handle it. lol

  4. Mara B. says:

    Great information, Linda. I’ve been re-learning the importance of good communication, after being out of the workforce for so many years. You know, it’s hard to get back into the habit of not just answering questions off the top of my head instead of giving serious thought before answering. It’s so worth the effort, though, to be sure that you’re understood.