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from Alice Seba 

This week, I received two questions from readers and here??????s today??????s question in which Niki writes,

Q: ??????Alice, I think that you are wonderful. I really would like to start an online business. I currently work as a recruiter and I like what I do, but it is basically sales and up and down. Sometimes I feel I work so hard and don’t earn anything. I am currently looking for something else to do to help my husband and family. He just got out of the military because of an injury so we really need the help. Is there anything that you can suggest that I can do online? I thank you for your help to WAHMs and may God bless you.???

A: First, thank you for your kind comments, Niki. They mean a lot and it will take you far as you learn the ropes of online business. I see a fellow Sweetie in the making here folks!

I am really sorry to hear about your husband, but please know that there is hope for you to make a decent living online ????? but it will take time and a lot of hard work.

Now, onto your question about suggestions of what you can do online to help bring home the bacon, here are just a few that will help you get the juices flowing:

Create an Info Product
You mentioned that you like the work you do now as a recruiter. If you can set yourself as an expert in the recruiting field, there is easily a way to turn your knowledge into an information product that you can sell online.

Keep in mind this particular avenue, along with others like selling consumer products, promoting affiliate products, creating websites, etc. can take a little while to really get going and become profitable. Unless you have a lot of money to invest into such a project, this may not be the way to go at first. It is something that you can work on and build for a long-term stream of more passive income, but you may need to do other things to generate cash in the meantime.

Here are some quicker ways to get food on the table:

A great way to get some instant cash flow is to start selling on eBay. Many people start their eBay business by selling things around the house they no longer need. If you enjoy it you can eventually grow to more hands-off products and can create an even more profitable and less time consuming eBay business.

Provide a Service
Although, labor intensive, providing a service is a decent way to start making money more quickly. Home business owners and other online entrepreneurs really need help in a lot of areas of their business and are more than willing to hire that assistance. Depending on what you have to offer you have a good chance of gaining clients rather quickly with some of these services. Here are just a few of the high demand areas in the online service industry you may want to consider. Start making connections with other business owners and letting them know about your service:

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Keep in mind with a service business you will only make money for the hours you put in working for clients. So if working fewer hours is a necessity, be sure to take that into consideration and adjust things accordingly when planning your business.

Remember there are no guarantees when it comes to starting your own online business. An old-fashioned job is more likely a sure way to earn an income, but if you need to stay home, those are just a few of the options.

You can find more options and ideas by visiting where we have ideas guides to help moms determine what types of businesses are out there, the ins and outs of them and help getting started.

Best of luck to you Niki! I??????ll be back tomorrow with the answer to Jason??????s question about information product buying habits.

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