Increasing Fair Marketshare When Times Are Tough

from Elaine Gordon Evans 

One of the things that I have found when the economy takes a nose dive and our businesses are feeling the pinch, is that we need to treat every client as if they were our only one. When times are tough and business is slower than normal, it is a really good time to give ourselves a good reality check. In the early part of growing our businesses, you could say that we were so to speak in the honeymoon phase of our growth. We gave away great deals on our services or productsand we were so excited to put our best foot forward. We went out of our way to give the best customer service and we made sure that each customer walked away with feeling that they got the best deal and truly received their money’s worth.

In times like these when businesses slow down, we need to rekindle that love in our hearts for our business and look at the dip in the economy as a time to trim the fat, regroup and come up with new and exciting creative ways to give your business a new face lift. Instead of being stressed or worried, we need to embrace this time as a time when we need to get our inventory in order and reinvent a whole new way and outlook of running our businesses.

I have found when clients are on the fence and deciding to renegotiate with us for doing more business with us, it is usually the little things we do for clients that means the most.

Maybe sending some flowers, or giving an extra free bonus or something that you know would make a difference. Even for the customers who are a little bit less desirable, it is at that time you need to turn up the customer service and also do something nice for them bygiving them a better deal than what we anticipated for ourselves. The reason for this type of good customer service when the economy is at a low, is longevityfor our businesses.Think about it in terms of running a marathon. You have to pace yourself, and keepyourself consistent and most of all do not loose site of the goal of winning or even finishing the race you started. Even at times when the economy is slow, it will be these memories that our clients will remember the most. Because rest assured, if your business is feeling the pinch, so isyour client.

So my encouragement for all ofyou is this. Always have a positive attitude, have a lot of faith and trust that everything you have worked for will materialize in a positive way. And most importantly, don’t looseyour sense of humor and definitely don’t loose your smile.

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