Is Fear Stifling Your Content?

from Annette 

I receive a lot of questions from people interested in entering the freelance writing world and I’ve noticed that one thing holds all of them back – fear. It got me to thinking, and blogging, about how this emotion, which we all deal with at one time or another, affects internet marketers and the content they write. I’d like to take a look at a few ways fear can hold you back from connecting with your audience and from making money.

Fear Can Make Your Content Dreadfully Dull.

When you write , we’re talking about articles, blog posts, and even ebooks and reports, do you write without fear of being judged? Do you write without fear of stepping on a few toes, of stirring up controversy, of being perceived a certain way? Many people write their content with a great amount of restraint and unfortunately their content lacks enthusiasm, passion and to be quite blunt, it’s not interesting.

If this rings true for you, if you feel as if you’re holding back when you write, because you fear being judged or angering people, consider taking a leap of faith. Write about something you’ve always wanted to write about, don’t hold back, and then publish it. It can be a liberating experience. And you’ll likely attract some new attention to your website.

Fear Can Make Your Sales Content Ineffective.

Many business owners struggle with writing their sales content. They strive to cover all the bases, the emotional triggers, the benefits, the testimonials and so on, while at the same time they fear sounding too boastful, too salesy, too cliche and so on. However, what happens when you let fear rule your writing is you end up focusing on the wrong things.

The Poopy First Draft

One of the most powerful ways to overcome fear whether you’re writing sales copy or content, is to sit down at your computer or notebook and commit to writing a first draft. Not just any ol first draft, but what you will gratefully accept as a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad first draft.

In our house we call it the "poopy first draft" because my daughters used to sit at the computer for hours writing and editing their book reports. They put so much pressure on themselves for it to be perfect it took twice as long as it should and sometimes they weren’t very good.However when they write their poopy first draft, spelling and grammar check takes care of the editing and a few contextual revisions usually brings their report together quite nicely

When you eliminate judgment from your writing it frees you to write without fear. When you write without fear, you accomplish your writing goals much more eloquently and efficiently.

Your audience is able to connect with you on a very personal and human level and your sales content will feel genuine and have more power to convert.

Do you let fear stifle your content and if so, how do you overcome it – share your stories!

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