Is it the Death of the Blackberry?

from Sharon Odom-Fling 

Before I begin, let me say upfront that I am not a Blackberry addict — I have one, but I seldom use it. It’s good for when I travel and don’t feel like lugging my laptop.

I can check my email, but it’s pretty much useless for web surfing or anything else that I really want to do. The keyboard is just not big enough, and it’s never caught on with me. I almost never take it with me unless I’m actually leaving town.

Since I’m not a frequent traveler, it’s cost per use winds up being about $200-300. Pretty stupid, huh?

So a few weeks ago I heard about a mobile laptop, one that’s about as big as a DVD case, weighs less than 2 pounds, allows you to surf the Net and use Skype, and retails for $399.

It took me all of a week to decide to buy it, even though I just bought a super-duper Dell XPS with Dual 20″ monitors, one for my desk, one for my treadmill desk. That frees up the laptop that I use on my treadmill desk. And it frees up the Dell Dimension that I had for 5 years before buying the Super Duper Dell. The triplets will get that one, and the laptop is for whatever.

So why do I need a new one?

Because it’s so CUTE — you should see this thing!

It weighs next to nothing…it can easily fit into a regular size purse or even a large fanny pack. I have a Baggallini wallet bagg and it almost fits. If I need to carry more stuff with me, there’s a backpack purse — I just tried it and it fits with room to spare. I think I’ll be carrying the backpack more often.

I just got my Asus today, so I can’t give too detailed a review, but the screen looks great. The icons are big, so you get the feeling that you’re looking at a Blackberry with a very large screen. I haven’t been able to connect to the Internet yet, so I can’t tell you how the web browsing part goes, but so far everything looks readable and the keyboard is typable.

If it all works out, I may get rid of my Blackberry, unless I need it for connecting to the Internet. According to the reviews at (that’s where I bought it), it’s supposed to be easy to connect to the Internet. I’m reasonably tech savvy, so I think I’ll be able to do it.

Here’s the info:

Asus Eee 4G-Galaxy 7″ PC Mobile Internet Device ( 512 MB RAM, 4 GB Hard Drive, Webcam, Linux Preloaded) Black

It’s also available in white, and a new version is coming out that offers 1 GB of RAM and an 8 GB hard drive for $100 more. I didn’t want to wait, though.

So far I love it, but the proof is in the using! Stay tuned…I’ll post my review after my trip to L.A. next week.

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