It's A Family Affair: Stop, Drop & Organize

from Aurelia Williams 

Do you remember back in school they had a Stop, Drop and Read portion of the day?  Well, when the teacher called it out you were to stop whatever you were doing, drop it neatly on your desk, grab a book and read.

Well, why not do the same with organizing. We all know it isn’t just us moms that tend to let things pile up. We may have a spouse, significant other, kids, pets and more that help to keep the house unorganized and at times cluttered.Why not create A Stop Drop and Organize time 1 time on Saturday and 1 time on Sunday (just for 10 minutes each).

You can get everyone to participate.. Yes a toddler too :)   Simply get some note cards, and write down some chores on them (chores that can be accomplished in 10 minutes) have each family member pick a card then “get to it”. You can gear the tasks towards the person’s abilities (e.g. while older kids can help out with cleaning up the kitchen or bathroom, a toddler may be responsible for putting away his/her toys.)  Pick your card, set the timer and everyone goes their separate ways for 10 minutes and does there best job.

Just think.. in a household of 4 people you are getting for great tasks completed in just 10minutes.So, do you think you can do that?  How you think you family would react?

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