Joint Venturing with your Kids

from Rhea Perry 

One of the coolest experiences of my life has been entering into serious joint ventures with some of my children. I have 7 living children, 3 in heaven, 5 grandkids, and one on the way.

I’m getting ready to leave this afternoon to host a live 3-day event in Huntsville, Alabama with my oldest son who is my second child. He has discovered a mind-boggling system for selling houses in 7 days on eBay that no one else has figured out.

He understands real estate and has been investing since he was 18. He understands eBay and has sold most of the junk that was in the basement. Now he combines the two and can sell just about any property in one 7 day auction.

This weekend, he is going to walk a small group of homeowners through the process in real time. They are coming from all over the country, laptops in hand, to learn how to sell their properties on eBay. When they leave on Sunday, their auctions should be online. We’ll let you know.

I never thought this child would ever become a professional speaker and workshop teacher. We struggled through years of him not understanding long division and asking why he had to learn to spell (which he never did).  All that time, I had no vision for what his future would hold. Yet I knew it was my responsibility as a home educator to prepare him to be financially stable in life.

So I took him to real estate workshops. I took him to Internet marketing events galore. I took him to eBay workshops. I invested more money in his professional education than I would have spent on a college degree (like he’d really sit still in class long enough to earn that)!

Then one day, he listed one of our rental houses in Alabama that had been empty for 10 months on eBay. In just 7 days, the new owner sent money to his PayPal account overnight. The buyer was from the UK. He never saw the house. That was 4 years ago. He still has never seen the house.

That’s when we realized we were onto something very powerful.

He created a course to teach others his system. I’ve let him speak as a presenter and as our after-dinner entertainment at most of our annual family business conferences. He’s shared the stage with Troy McClain, Mark Victor Hansen, the late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Sharon Lechter, John Taylor Gatto, Richard Paul Evans, Lou Brown, Armand Morin and countless others.

Now he is hosting his first ever live 3-day workshop.

He’s also speaking at the Madison County real estate investment group tonight to let them know about the weekend event.

I never in a million years imagined that this skinny little redneck country boy would turn out so well! I never envisioned him being a leader in the Internet world. Yet because of the direction his education has taken us, he’s been privileged to learn from the best.

And it’s paid off. Not only have we grown closer together, but the income he created with investment real estate brought his dad home from corporate America.

It’s truly amazing what you can do when you work together on a project, like the education of one very special young person – your child.

I’m off on a whirlwind adventure today on this very blustery autumn day. Grocery shopping with the kids, ballet, guitar lessons, art class, then off to speak at the REA and on to the hotel to host what will be a life-changing event for the homeowners who are joining us – Drew Perry’s very first

If you want to see a miracle, join us in Huntsville this weekend. I will be amazed.

So many books, so little time…

who can’t wait to see what the next JV will produce!

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