Learn The Art Of Saying "No"

from Aurelia Williams 

How many times have you agreed to do something that you actually didn’t want to do? A project, something for your friends? Even your spouse? All you had to do was say no, but you just couldn’t get the the word to come out. So you end up doing it…and later resent it.

Here are a few ways you can politely let others know you are not available to help them. You don’t have to just tell them no and leave it at that.

- If the task is something you are interested in doing, but don’t have the time to commit at that moment, tell them that it is something you are definitely interested in, but you will need to review your schedule. This gives you time to decide if you can commit to the project or if you must turn it down.

- Resist the urge to immediately say yes by telling the person that you need to look at your schedule before you can commit to them. Let them know that you want to be sure their project is getting your undivided attention.

- You can also say something along the lines of “That sounds like a great idea, unfortunately, I don’t have time to help you with it at the moment. However, I do have time available on this date.”

- Make it very clear that you value their time so you are not comfortable taking on the project at this time. You won’t feel you’ve done your best due to the fact that your schedule is already full. Then offer them the next available time you do have open.

You can’t possibly be everything to everybody. The sooner you realize this, the less you will feel like you are being pulled in a hundred different directions.

In order to keep moving towards your ultimate goals you need to know when to say no and when to push things off your plate. It can be hard, but in the end you will be happier, gain more respect from those requesting your assistance and get more done in the long run.

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