Learn to Monetize that Expertise!

from Rhea Perry 

Way too many people don’t know who they are. They don’t know what they want so consequently, they usually live frustrated lives just walking mindlessly through the day doing what someone else dictates.


They can’t figure out how to find the satisfaction they are looking for because they’ve never asked themselves what they really want to do. They work to pay the bills and usually settle on something less than what they really could achieve, if only they had the vision.


This weekend, I am in San Francisco taking my oldest son Drew to a workshop for experts. Even though he’s 27, his education isn’t finished.


We’re here so he can gain the vision he needs to see the potential he has for making an impact on the world by sharing his natural gifting and abilities with others.


(It’s hard for most folks to get that vision from plain ole Mom. Know what I mean?)


Everyone is an expert at something. If you’re not, you can be.


And even though you may not be yet, it isn’t hard to become one these days, especially now that the Internet puts all the knowledge in the world at your fingertips.


It amazes me when I meet experts who don’t realize they are experts. They think everyone knows what they know. And when you tell them that others don’t have their knowledge, they don’t believe you.


It’s crazy.


So I am here this weekend to learn how to encourage experts to get the vision they lack and how to help them share their knowledge, wisdom and expertise…


Starting with my expert son who can sell just about any property  on eBay in 14 days.


In this economy where fore-closures are rampant, that is life-saving knowledge.


And not everyone knows how to do it.


If you are an expert and want to learn how you can monetize your expertise, join me in the forum here

www.EducatingForSuccess.com . I may have a few ideas of you. I’ll be back soon.


So many books, so little time…


who would love to help you discover and monetize your area of expertise






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