Let's See Those Drawers!

from Aurelia Williams 

Hopefully you saw my post last week where I asked about your work space.  This week I wanted to just give you a few pointers to help you organize your desk and keep it organized.

Lets start with the drawers!  Yes those things that you probably have 4-6 of but only really use 2 (smile). Pull out each drawer and take inventory of what you have there.  Be sure to group like-items together, move things that don’t belong in the drawer to either a new home or the garbage.

Do you see the need for a pencil/utencil organizer in your drawers? If so, jot that down and keep that list handy for when you go shopping.

Be sure to go through each drawer and look at everything to see if it needs to do one of the follow things

  • Stay where it is
  • Get organized into the same or another drawer
  • Move to another spot in your home
  • Needs to be tossed

After you’ve done all of this be sure to see if there are things that you need. Do you have enough pens, paper, printer ink, paper clips…etc.  If not, be sure to write that down as well.

Let me know how you are doing :)

Don’t forget about the filing cabinets or filing drawers that you have.  Make sure that all of the papers are in the correct file, be sure the files are labeled correctly and while you are in there – if you see something in there that you no longer need – why not shread it or just toss it out.  If you have a particular file in a drawer that you need access to on a daily basis. You may want to pull it out now and perhaps set up a small filing system on your desk and place it there.  This way it will always be at your finger tips.

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