Making Time For Magic

from RadioGirl 

It is a long weekend in our neck of the woods. Typically, long weekends mean I work through the weekend catching up on all sorts of tasks that I can’t seem to squeeze into my regular work days. Working a full time job and pursuing online ventures can eat up time like nobody’s business. I’m making different choices this weekend though.

Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning. I only managed to get the main floor clean, but instead of working into the night and getting the whole house clean – I declared it good enough and walked away to enjoy the evening.

Instead of logging on to the computer when I had declared the housework done, I grabbed a book and read. Now, I alwas read a lot. The difference is that last night I didn’t take breaks from my book to log in to check my email or see what was going on on twitter.

Today, once I am finished posting here I will log off the computer and get the family ready for the magic show being hosted by the town at the community centre. The entrance fee is a donation to the food bank and all of us are excited about getting out as a family. My middle son is especially excited, as he’s interested in performing magic tricks and has tried out a few simple ones on the family ad naseum trying to perfect his technique.

I had logged on with the intention of checking my email and touching base with a couple of my forums and I have done that. Then I thought I’d write a quick post here to write about what I’m doing differently this weekend, because I think that many of us try too hard to do too much and end up sacrificing our families as a result of trying to be successful in our businesses.

I know I’m guilty of that!

I’ve read all the literature and I know I’m supposed to take time for my family and try to seek balance, but I seldom apply it to myself. I’m always one to say, “Well, that sounds good in theory, but I don’t know how to do that in my real life.”

So I just wanted to say – the only way to do it in real life is to just do it.

Take it one step at a time and declare one evening or one weekend a non-multitasking time and follow through. I think you’ll be surprised at how wonderful it feels to make time for teh magic in your life.

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One Response to “Making Time For Magic”
  1. Mara B. says:

    I can agree with this post, as I’m guilty of trying to squeeze in a little more work instead of setting it aside and coming back to it later. My family has definitely been suffering lately.

    Thank you for basically saying that it’s okay if everything doesn’t get done perfectly. I think we moms need to hear that from time to time.