Mapping Your Direct Selling Success

from Sarah Robinson 

One of the strategies I teach in my Get Your Year In Gear class that will PULL your business forward, almost effortlessly is to create a powerful vision for your business and your life. Participants in my classes find this exercise to be both motivating and inspiring, and I’m certain you will, too.

Once a year, I schedule a short retreat to work on my vision for my life. This includes my business as well as all other areas of my life that matter to me. I take this retreat away from my office but with my family (though you can do it alone if that is the best way for you to get uninterrupted time). I spend about 4- 5 hours each day thinking about and choosing what I want in the next year, the next two years, and the next three years. Because I am highly visual, I actually envision the details of what my life will look like at that time. Then, I create goals that will take me to my chosen destination. My husband and I talk about my vision and goals – he gives me great feedback and helps frame everything in reality.

When I am done, I have what I call my Success Map. Creating it reminds of why I love to do what I do and gives me the “how’s” that truly inspire my passion for my work. It also acts as a system of checks and balances to guide me away from conflicting priorities and overwhelming life-loads. If I find myself stressed and exhausted, I can check my map and see where I made a wrong turn and got off course.

The first step to creating your own Success Map is summoning a powerful vision of what you want your life to look like in every area. Knowing where you are going makes your journey so much easier, faster and, simply more enjoyable.

Here are some steps to get you started:

Step 1. Book Your Personal Retreat

No one is going to give you permission to take this time away, so you must give it to yourself. Isn’t your life, your happiness, and the peace and prosperity of your family worth it? I usually take 2-3 days for my retreat because I also combine it with family vacation. This may not be possible for you. So, I suggest you book a whole day away from the office – even if you are at the library – to focus on this important task. If you have children, drop them at school, daycare, or the sitter’s and head straight for your retreat. If you “just run by the house”, you will never leave. Stop reading right now and go get your calendar. When can you commit to doing this?

Step 2. Retreat Activities:

You will need a beautiful notebook and your favorite kind of pen.
Answer these questions for yourself:
What do I want my life (your whole life) to look like in 1 year? In 3 years?
What is the most inspiring, compelling vision you can dream of for your future?
What will your business look like? What will other important areas of your life look like?

So that you don’t set yourself up for frustration, try to frame your vision in reality. For example, if you’ve never run a marathon before, your chances of winning a marathon in the next year are pretty slim. In the next three years, you can absolutely do it. So what is a reasonable goal in the next year? How about beginning marathon training and running in a couple of half-marathons? If you are willing to forsake everything else in your life, you could actually become competitive in full marathons before the year is out. Are you willing to make that kind of sacrifice? Choose now so you don’t get frustrated later.

The truth is you can design your perfect life and you can design the perfect business. Do you want to earn six figures working the hours and days you choose to work? If that is your dream, it is achievable. You won’t get there overnight, but if you plot your course and design your map, you can get there sooner than you think.

To get your writing started, try this Ideal Day exercise. Imagine that you are waking up in your perfect life. What kind of bed do you wake up in? Who is next to you? What does the room you wake up in look like? When you go to your closet, what kinds of clothes and shoes do you find there? When you look out your window, what do you see? When you breathe deeply, what do you smell? When you get ready to go out, what kind of car is in your driveway? How do your important relationships feel? Who are the important people in your life? Fill in all of the details and do the same for your business. Who are you working with? What kind of clients and consultants are you attracting? What days do you work? What kind of activities do you do on those days? When do you take vacations? Design a vision of a life you absolutely love!

Once you’ve written it, you will get excited and energetic. And, you can start setting goals and making choices that will turn your vision into reality.

If you and your business need this kind of strategic thinking to get you where you want to go, I invite you to consider joining my next Get Your Year In Gear class jut for direct selling leaders. Read more about it and discover if it is right for you here:

Love & Success!

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