Marketing your business on a shoestring

from Elaine Gordon Evans 

Now that you have your business started it’s time to start marketing yourself.

Word of mouth is a great free way of marketing yourself but if you want to grow your business, you are going to have to reach more people.

A great introductory marketing tool is putting up flyers. You can often save money by printing copies of your flyer at your local library or at business centers like The UPS store or Kinko’s rather than printing them out all on your printer at home.

Now get out there and put up your flyers starting with your own neighborhood. A lot of grocery stores and other businesses often have community bulletin boards where you can put up flyers as well.

Another great and inexpensive marketing tool is putting a little ad in the classifieds section of your little local newspaper. Advertising in the classifieds section usually doesn’t cost much and many people prefer to use an independent, mom and pop type service business right in their own neighborhood.

So don’t be afraid to look like a small business and advertise using your first name. Between word of mouth, flyers, and a classified ad, you may find you have enough work to keep you busy.

Of course the very best marketing tool you have is happy, satisfied customers who are willing to act as references and give you referrals.???

Well that’s all for now, be sure to go do something good for yourself!

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