Mission: Computer Organization

from Aurelia Williams 

Computer FilingWell it seems like Annette’s question really opened up a nice can of worms. As you can imagine, the more organized our computer is, the faster you can find what you need and this will lead to more efficient use of your precious time.

So, here is your mission should you choose to accept it (hee hee queue the Mission Impossible Music)

Take a look at the thread about Computer Organization and see if there is something listed there (either in my answer to the question or in the many comments that were posted) that you can do to ultimately save you some time and sanity while at your PC. Whether it is deleting old files, placing old files on a CD or totally revamping your folders and sub-folders, I want you to join our mission.

It will be easy, fun and very satisfying!

So take a moment to post what it is that you are committing yourself to do then come back and check in with us during the process or after the process is complete and let us know what you did, how you did and how you feel about it.


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