Moms, Kids, and Sticky Keys

from Kit Singleton 

I love my mom. I love my son. Both can get on my VERY last nerve! My poor mom was using my laptop to play some games. I don’t mind this. She has her own screen and the games help to keep her mind active. This is important since Mom is in her 70’s. Here is where the rub comes in.

Last night, mom got up in the middle of the night and decided to play a few of her games. No problem. Then she decided to have a snack while she played. One of her favorite snacks is milk and cookies. Do you see where this is going? lol

There I am in my nice cozy bed, sound asleep for the first time in days (insomnia) and I hear mom screaming, “KIT! Come here quick! KIT! KIT!” Was the house on fire? Was there a prowler? No. The cat jumped onto the desk and knocked over her half-full glass of milk. Anyone wanna take bets on where it landed? If you guessed on my laptop, ding-ding-ding, you get the prize!

By the time I got to the desk, Mom had cleaned up most of it. Thankfully, she had thought to turn the laptop upside down, so any milk that hadn’t made it to the inner workings of the computer would hopefully drain out. Yeah, I know, this is mostly wishful thinking but it made her feel better.

Here I sit, typing on sticky keys, and remembering what it was like to wash off half-dried milk. When mom takes her nap, this might be one time when I cry over spilled milk! If I’m lucky, the tears will help wash away the sticky. ;)

The lesson here is if you have kids, pets, or novice computer users in your home, it’s probably best if you purchase “spill” or accidental insurance for your computer. You can find more of my stories and business tips here.


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5 Responses to “Moms, Kids, and Sticky Keys”
  1. Mila says:

    I hope the laptops okay! And don’t remind me of those sippy cup days… don’t want to go back there LOL.

  2. *Kit chases Mila around the site with a sippy cup just to “help” her with the marathon time.* ;)

  3. mila sidman says:

    LOL! ha… I’m going to need A LOT of help…

  4. Mara B. says:

    I remember sippy cups, and I remember loathing them – especially when I had to clean them. The idea is a good one, but the the follow-through leaves MUCH to be desired.

    I read someplace that you could actually take a laptop into the shower with you, but I don’t think *I’d* want to try it. hehe

  5. lol Mara! Did it say anything about milk-baths? ;)