Networking for Moms

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As an Internet based entrepreneur we have various choices and opportunities that many women working outside the home unfortunately don’t have. We can work around our children’s schedules. We can choose to garden in the morning and do business tasks at night. We can arrange to exercise in the afternoon, in the middle week without checking with anyone other than our own date book.

While this flexibility is wonderful, there is one aspect of working at home that can be a challenge for some and that is the issue of isolation.

When we’re knee deep in an engaging project and have the need to run an idea by someone close by who understands our work, that person simply isn’t there. So many people need that peer interaction to keep sharp, inspired and current in their field.

I know this is an issue because that’s part of the reason you’re here and why Internet Based Moms has been so popular for more than 7 years. Internet Based Moms hosts one of the Internet’s best tools for online interaction the discussion forum.

We have dozens of topics and an active membership who everyday discuss issues and ideas that are relevant to work at home entrepreneurs just like you.

If you’ve got a marketing idea or question or a client problem or opportunity that you’d love to discuss with someone, you need only post it in one of our discussion rooms and another member, Internet Based Moms staff or myself will gladly address your question or comment.

New social media tools like Twitter and Facebook also provide an opportunity for solo-entrepreneurs to connect with like minded individuals. Twitter and Facebook don’t necessarily provide a comprehensive and supportive network that a mentorship group like Internet Based Moms offers, but these tools still offer almost instant responses to questions or ideas.

Of course a fast and furious exchange on Twitter might not be nearly enough for a new business owner looking for detailed answers. That’s why participating in a mix of networking groups can be your best bet, as long you have a home base where you can find trusted information and real peers that know you and your business.

We’re happy to be your home base. Visit Internet Based Moms’ Discussion Boards regularly to establish yourself and to meet peers that can become part of your trusted business and social network on the web.

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