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I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. When I took over Internet Based Moms I figured I had some pretty big shoes to fill ;-)

Alice, has done an awesome job with the site over the years and I really want to keep the site focused on providing great information for moms…To do this, I’ve called in a few experts to give you the targeted information you need.

I’m a firm believer in learning from different people. There are many approaches to business and having a different perspective on things can really help. I’ve brought in six smart business moms to join me in providing you with great content through our Internet Based Moms Expert Blogs.Each expert has her own blog space and will be brining you completely original, valuable content you won’t find anywhere else…

Meet the Experts:

Mila Sidman (that’s me!) – Marketing and Content Creation Expert – I know what it takes to produce quality content for your online business, and help many business owners achieve this through

I’ve also been completely immersed in direct response copywriting for the past 6 months and have learned from some of the top experts in the field. I’m looking forward to sharing some of that knowledge with you as well as helping you with your online business.

Elaine Gordon EvansService Business Expert – Elaine is a true “rags to riches” story. She started her maid service business as a single mom and has grown it into one of the most successful maid services in America.

Elaine, gives back through her foundation which provides free cleaning services to cancer patients and their families.She’s an extremely savvy business person, yet very giving.

If you’re a VA, transcriptionist, writer or own any other service business Elaine’s the lady to listen to.

Lynette ChandlerMarketing Technology Expert – Lynette is one smart lady. She has a knack of making technology easy and painless. As a non-technical mom myself, I can tell you, she’s a lifesaver.

Whether you’re a technophobe like me or a gadget geek, Lynette’s tips for using technology to maximize business, can’t be missed.

Lynette is the lady behind ALL the technical work on the Internet Based Moms Expert Blogs too!

Alice SebaSweetie Marketing Expert – If you haven’t heard of “sweetie” marketing yet, where have you been? Alice loves to help moms and online business owners succeed in online business… and she truly believe that nice girls (and guys) really do finish first.

Alice will be sharing some unique marketing techniques to help you succeed in your online business, the sweetie way! :-)

Rhea PerryFamily Business Expert – Rhea is highly respected for her contributions to helping families build profitable businesses. Rhea is a homeschooling mom of 7, need I say more?

She’s smart, dedicated and has several profitable businesses of her own. Rhea will be helping you on your family business journey.

Kelly McCauseyPodcasting & Audio Expert – Straight talking, no-nonsense and very kind hearted Kelly is the queen of podcasting.

She knows everything there is to know from the A to Z’s of starting your own internet podcast and talk radio… She speaks from experience as the owner of the very popular WAHM Talk Radio.

Kelly also helped me put my vision of bringing experts to Internet Based Moms into action. Thank you Kelly!

Sharon Odom FlingLocal Internet Marketing Expert -Sharon started out in the corporate world working for Disney in web development and marketing.

She soon realized that many small business owners were overlooking the power of the internet to help their businesses… and so was born.

Sharon is also the creator of several marketing products including the Local Business Masters Course which she wrote for SiteBuildIt! She’s the go-to person for local marketing.

Jenni HunteBay Expert – Jenni started her eBay business by selling a stroller online. She realized quickly that she could build her eBay business around her family and make good money too!

She went on to do just that and now mentors many moms on their eBay business quest. If you want to learn how to really profit from eBay, Jenni’s the lady to listen to.

Wow, that’s one great line up… I’m so impressed with these ladies and have personally learned so much from each and every one of them. I’m very excited to have them here.

They’ll be kindly sharing the information they learned from their years of experience in business. We will also be answering your business questions on the blog on a first come first serve basis. To submit your questions to one or more of our experts, please click here.

I hope you truly enjoy our expert blogs, come back and visit often, take notes and leave comments… we’d love to hear from you. Enjoy!


P.S. Have a question for one of our experts? Click here to ask!

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