Online Presence More Important Now Than Ever

from Lynette Chandler 

A few weeks ago, word got around to us that my brother-in-law who owns a successful painting business was hit with a huge problem. It’s a long story but the bottom line, he had lost his (long time) phone number and forced to get a new one. Here’s something you need to understand about his business. A big chunk of it is done by phone. In fact, you can say pretty much all of it.

No phone – no orders.

He could of course take time to call each one of the customers. But because of poor record keeping, he didn’t always have numbers or addresses of all customers. Besides, some of them had already started calling. They knew of no other way to reach him.

At such a time, a simple web site would have been so very helpful to him. Granted, most of his customers do not live online like we do. But, had the web site address or even email address been on his card, shirts and other material, his customers would have used it as a backup method to contact him. Also, the web site would have been a good way to let customers know of the new number.

Even if your business is humming along perfectly offline, keep in mind that as time goes by, the population will be replaced with more people who are web savvy. Having an online presence is more important now than ever.

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