Our SuperDog!

from RadioGirl 

I simply must post to say our dog is amazing. Yes, that same dog we picked up from the pound a year ago the week after we bought our first house. Back then he was skinny little thing, more fur than flab to be sure. A year of professional puppy dog eyes aimed at soft hearted suckers has changed that.

He’s discovered that the “dogs eat dog food” rule only applies when there’s more than one person in the room. Should he encounter any one of us alone, the rule bends willy-nilly and he’s bound to get a little something extra just because “he’s so darn cute”.

Along with the nicely rounded little belly, he’s gained some incredible abilities over the past year.

Enough, I would say to qualify him as a superdog.

For one thing, he can turn lights on in every single room in the house. Even the round ones with the integrated dimmer switch. I have never actually seen him do it. I’ve only caught him because though he has developed the ability to turn them on, he hasn’t mastered the act of turning them off.

Similarly, he’s unable to close doors, flush the toilet, or put silverware in the sink after he’s made himself a sandwich.

Again, I’ve never actually caught him making those sandwiches, but my children are quite adamant under direct questioning.

When anything is out of place, whenever anything is amiss, I can be rest assured that “the dog did it.”

One of these days I’ll have to set up the video camera to catch him at these amazing feats so I can send it in to one of those clip shows and become rich off of the dogs deeds.

My only concern, my only hesitance in this matter at all, is my fear of hurting the feelings of my youngest son. You see, last year I was sure it would be my child that would be the ticket to riches and fame. Alas, as the dogs abilities have skyrocketed, the boy has gone through a steady regression. The dog has usurped him in nearly every area imaginable.

Still, if I can ever catch the dog on film, I’m sure all would be forgiven as we hop aboard the gravy train of the talk show circuit. Don’t you?

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3 Responses to “Our SuperDog!”
  1. Mara B. says:

    Oh, I SO know what you mean. My cat is in the same category! While I’ve never gotten her on video tape, either, I have personally seen her climb the wall and attempt to turn the light. Of course, I was looking and she missed, but it sure looked like she was going to make it!

    Maybe we should get the two together and start an SuperDog and MightyCat show? lol

  2. Annette Elton says:

    So LOL funny! Thanks for the giggle.

  3. Keri says:

    That is funny. You will have to write that one down for when they’re older. My mom has a whole book of those.