Outsource Your Software

from Lynette Chandler 

Computer crashWhen I first started business online, my budget was ultra tight. I did not have much to spend on but realized I needed a few things before I can even start selling. For example, there was the autoresponder. Then, I needed something to take payments and deliver the downloads automatically. There were also other things but these were the most important ones.

I looked at all the services available. So many monthly fees and seemingly big expenses. I didn’t mind the software I paid a one time payment for but what really got me was the monthly ones.

I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to pay monthly for something they can:

  • Pay once for
  • Run on their own, using similar free software

So, I did it myself. First, I used a mailing list software that was free. But it didn’t have the right features and no sequential autoresponder. So, I put down some money to buy a script that would run on my own web host. I was cheap (remember?) and opted for a really cheap one but *seemed* popular.

The result was disastrous. Within an hour of installing it, my web host shut down my site for excessive use of resources. For your information, the script was installed properly. It just wasn’t well written. It was not a pleasant thing to wake up to. My host almost deleted my website. What a lesson.

Since then, I’ve moved onto a hosted autoresponder system and really happy, even when a monthly fee is involved.

I dish it out without complaints because I know:

  • I don’t have to update it when new releases come out 
  • I don’t have to fix it when it’s hacked.
  • I don’t have to fix/cover security holes so it doesn’t get hacked in the first place.
  • All I worry about it crafting good emails, taking care of readers’ needs and coming up with good content – in other words the stuff that really makes money.

The take away, outsource your software so you don’t have to worry about it. You may be paying a monthly fee, but that monthly fee is small compared to the stress and amount you have to pay someone to fix it when things go really bad.

What if you are new like I was and really don’t have the cash? I still say invest but invest wisely. Choose first to put money into a few key things that are the backbone of your business like autoresponder and shopping cart. Everything else can be slowly worked in as your business gets better.

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